Name: Sam

Class: Pyrotechnician

Age : 30

Height: 6’ 1”

Weight: 198 lbs

Eyes: Emerald Green , Blind at his left eye

Hair: Hazel brown

Skin: Tanned , but covered in burn scars

Build: Slightly Muscular.

Outfits: - A red pyrosuit

           - White shirt and jeans

Personal records

Sam “Samuele Ricci ” as a young boy lived in a city not far from the american border. Never knowing his parents he grew up in an orphanage. On his 18th he bought a little gasstation on the edge of town , working as attendant there. He is also the only survivor of a giant fire that destroyed the city where he lived. Because of that the boy started to have a fascination, or better said , an obsession for fire. He got thrown into an asylum after they connected him to the city fire. After he got released ,he joined RED at 27 hoping there he would find something to quench his thirst for fire

Recent history:

Sam started at Tuefort and never get much further. When he was stationed some incompetent medic said that he couldnt live without a gasmask , while it was just to protect his lungs for any further damage. Even when not in combat he had to wear it. Unable to speak , Nobody really understood he was starting to hate the place. After a lot of wheezing ( and one burning of the intel) , he got transfered to fastlane, so that that station wouldnt be undermanned. But mostly to protect the rest of the intelligence.

Sam’s loadout